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FAQ about our dolls

• What fur do you use?

We use ONLY faux fur.

  factory rolls of faux fur on a wooden floor (1)


• How do you make the toys and dolls?


1. Plastic Dolls (figurines): a doll made entirely of plastic.

2. Soft toys with plastic parts: limbs and a head of a doll are made of plastic (the eyes are also made of plastic), as padding holofiber and\or polyester is used, in the lower part of the doll granules (weight) of glass or stone (sea pebbles) is placed. The body is made of faux fur.

Some toys have a wire metal frame, through which the toy can make different poses, but the most of the toys are just soft.

In the creation of toys and dolls are used only synthetic, harmless to health materials.

Plastic parts are painted with acrylic and lacquer and have waterproof coating.


• Are the toys durable? Is it possible to give toys to children to play? Can I take it to bed?


Toys are relatively durable. Not yet been a single case of breakage during transportation. But these all are collectible author’s dolls and it is not recommended to give it to children: child can easily ruin even a very durable factory toy; hand made dolls require quite careful handling. It's toys for "adult children", decorative interior items.

Sleeping with them is not recommended also, the plastic parts are quite sharp and solid, also during sleep toy can be accidentally destroyed.


• Do your toys do something? Moving, or singing?


The majority of toys are just decorative objects: they do nothing. But there are some that perform function. Some dolls can have a sound module installed upon request.


• How to care for dolls? Can I wash them?


Dolls should not be washed. Plastic parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth, rinse under warm running water. Fur parts can be cleaned using specialized soft products for synthetic fabrics.


• Toys are produced EN masse or piece?


Each toy is unique as it is made from scratch by hand, including sculpting, sewing, assembly and painting. It's quite a long process and often takes more than one week depending on the availability of materials and complexity of work.

Some models are cast by hand from high-strength polymers in a limited number.